Veil Length Chart + Guide

Veil Length chart

By far our most common questions are around veil lengths! There are so many options, as well as widely used terms such as Cathedral,Chapel, Waltz, and Royal, but what does that mean really?

We use centimeter measurements for our veils to help avoid term confusion, and specify exactly the length so that you'll know exactly what you're purchasing.

This chart helps provide an idea of common lengths and terminology*.

Still have questions? Check out our veil shopping guide and FAQ's here!


    • SHOULDER LENGTH  - 50 cm
    • ELBOW LENGTH         - 60 cm
    • WAIST LENGTH           - 75 cm
    • FINGERTIP LENGTH   - 100 cm
    • BALLET LENGTH         - 120 cm
    • WALTZ LENGTH           - 150 cm
    • FLOOR LENGTH          - 200 cm
    • CHAPEL LENGTH        - 250 cm
    • CATHEDRAL LENGTH - 300 cm
    • ROYAL LENGTH           - 450 cm



*Important Note: The end appearance and "perceived" length of the veils will vary per person, based on your height, as well as the placement of the veil comb.

Naturally, if you plan to place the veil at the top crown of your head versus at the nape of your neck, that would impact where the veil ends by 6-10 inches. Also, if you have a very long torso and want an elbow length veil, the veil length would need to be different to compared to someone with different body proportions to achieve the same end look.

So ultimately, we strongly recommend using a tape measure, and measuring from the desired comb placement to the desired veil bottom, and this will give you the best approximation of what length would work best for you!