Online Veil Shopping Tips - your veil shopping guide and F.A.Q's!

 Guide to Buying a Bridal Veil Online - Tips when shopping online for wedding veil

Shopping for wedding veils online can be a confusing endeavor as many makers have varying terms and measurements. But rest assured, we've listed our top asked veil length questions here to help you navigate this important purchase, and to be sure you're totally in love with you veil purchase.

You'll often hear terms such as cathedral, chapel, and other ambiguous terms when it comes to veil shopping. We've broken it down further to ensure you're buying exactly what you want.



The end appearance and perceived length of the veils will vary per person, based on your height, as well as the placement of the veil comb.

Naturally, if you plan to place the veil at the top crown of your head versus at the nape of your neck, that would impact where the veil ends by 6-10 inches. Also, if you have a long torso versus a shorter statured person and were wanting a elbow length veil, the veil length would be different to achieve the same end look. 

So ultimately, we strongly recommend using a tape measure, and measuring from the desired comb placement to the desired veil bottom, and this will give you the best approximation of what length would work best for you!

Checkout our veil length guide here for a more in depth information and frequently asked questions! 


Choosing the correct color can be the most daunting part of shopping for a veil online. There are veil options often in White, Diamond White, Off White, Light Ivory, Ivory, Champagne, and even colored options such as pinks, black, blue, red, and greens.   

WHITE : True brightest white, only recommended if your dress is a true white color.

OFF-WHITE :  Between true white and ivory, softer in color than white, but not dark enough to come off as Ivory. Recommended for white, off-white, or soft/milk white, and natural white dresses

LIGHT IVORY :  Between off-white and ivory, not as pigmented in color as true ivory. Recommended for off-white or ivory dresses

IVORY : Our most popular selection, suits most current style dresses on the market today, complimenting anything from off-white dresses to champagne or even peach and blush dresses

CHAMPAGNE : Darker than ivory, champagne is stronger in color than a typical ivory, and compliments cream, champagne, nude, mocha, peach, and blush colored dresses. 

BLACK :  For the bold, our black veils offer deep impactful color, while still providing transparency. 

SPECIALITY COLORS :  We at times also offer colored veils, such as emerald green, navy, red, and pink. Contact us if you're interested in a custom colored veil. 

Checkout our wedding dress color guide for more information and examples of dress coloring


All our veils have a high quality 3" metal comb for more secure placement.
Some retailers use less expensive plastic combs, which can be prone to breaking and do not stay in your hair as well. Plastic veil combs are especially concerning when choosing a longer cathedral length veil, as the weight of the material can cause the comb to break.
We offer both pleated and flat style veils. This indicated the amount of gathered material at the comb, which creates completely different effects and volume.
Gathered Pleated veils use more tulle that is pleated at the comb, to create a more voluminous and full look.
Flat style veils have no gathered tulle at the comb, which creates a sleek and simple appearance.



We use high quality tulle netting fabric, that has a soft feel and slight elasticity for comfortable wear and tear resistance. Our tulle is lightweight which allows for beautiful flowing effect and has a matte appearance unlike cheaper alternatives that can have a plastic shiny appearance.

Be aware of cheap alternatives which use rough, itchy, plastic like tulle we all remember from those childhood dresses! 



 This topic is definitely a preference choice! Some brides with lace dresses opt for a plain simple veil to help highlight and focus on the lace detailing of the dress itself, while other brides want either a little, (...or a lot! Who ever said you can have too much of a good thing?) of lace detailing on their veil to tie it all together.

With hundreds of styles designs, types, ad and lace appliqués available, if you're wanting an exact match to your dress lace, our best recommendation would be to order your veil directly from your dress manufacturer to ensure an exact match. Unfortunately this can often be a costly option, but luckily, your dress lace doesn't need to be an exact match to your veil lace to still have a beautiful look.
Luckily, with so many lace veil options, you'll be sure to find a lace detail that will compliment your dress perfectly.



A blusher veil is the classic, traditional style with the layer that is worn over the face for the ceremony. A 2 tier or 2 layer has two layers of tulle, so that one can be worn over the face if desired. So, there's no difference between a blusher, face cover, or 2 tier veil as they all do the same thing! Some brides may opt to wear a 2 layer veil without using the blusher to cover the face if they prefer for a multi tiered look to the veil. Blusher layers are typically around waist length (30 inches) unless, of course, the veil itself is shorter than that.



You'll certainly experience wrinkles in your veil when your purchasing it online from the shipping and packaging. But don't let that dissuade you from purchasing your perfect veil. 

DO NO IRON YOUR VEIL! The soft and delicate fabric is not meant to be ironed, but STEAM IT instead

We recommend taking out your veil as soon as you receive it, and let it hang freely to help release the wrinkles. You can also hang it in a bathroom if you have the space to do so to have the steam from your shower help releases wrinkles as well!

Using a standard clothes steamer will remove the wrinkles, and for more stubborn wrinkles, pull the material taught while passing over the steamer.

Hang your veil by the metal comb, not by the tulle as it is delicate and can rip. We recommend using pant hanger, or our mini hangers are perfect for hanging a veil.