Color Guide to Bridal Dresses

We often hear of the very common white and ivory wedding dresses, but the spectrum of current bridal color options is endless!

With each manufacture using their own terminology, as well as differences in the materials themselves, there's a ton of color options to choose from to find the perfect compliment for your skin and your dream look.

Ivory is the current most popular dress color, but even Ivory has a vast range of what it can look like! Many brides think they ordered a "white" dress, but in reality it's a shade of Ivory, and not a true White, which can at times have a blue hue.

Ultimately, there's no wrong choice, just personal preference and style. So go for the traditional white, or go bold in blue, so long as you feel your best bridal self!

 As you'll see below, sometimes color differences can be very subtle, or other designers choose very impactful shades for their blush or champagne options. The best way to decide is to see the dresses in person and in natural lighting to really see their true coloring.



True White, also known as Pure White, Bright White, or just White, is the brightest, crispest white you can find, pure white is whitest of all whites. It may even give off a blue hue, especially when placed next to an ivory or softer white.

This is the most traditional option, however not currently the most popular. It most suits mid tone , and can be hard to wear for very fair brides or too stark for darker complexions.

True White fabrics are most often synthetic man-made materials, as natural fibers will not come out this white even when bleached.

1266 Dress by Martina Liana in White 

1266 Dress by Martina Liana in White



Off Whites can be referred to as soft white, snow white, diamond white, and winter white. It is considered the shade category below true bright white, and therefore makes it more complimentary to all skin tones and easier to wear. This shade range is a great option for those wanting a "white" look, without the starkness and blue hued effect.

Diamond White Wedding Dress - Wedding dress color guide Admina by Sottero and Midgley Diamond White Dress - Bridal Dress Color Guide

Cindy by Rebecca Ingram in Diamond White 
Admina by Sottero and Midgley Diamond White

Natural White, also known as Milk White, or at times Light Ivory or Pearl, is a more warmer and softer shade of white than it's brighter Off White and True White sisters. The natural white shades will eliminate that blue hue starkness, without having the golden or yellow tones of an ivory.


 June Dress by Pronovias



The notorious Ivory is a very popular choice for a reason! Ivory shades can be called things like bone, eggshell, almond-white, candlelight or creamy white. Ivories suit all skin tones, and have a slight golden tone compared to any variations of white. This " golden tone" is often hard to note in person, and is more apparent when placed directly next to a true white option. So don't be alarmed if you're still wanting a white effect dress, and Ivory can still give you that classic bridal look.

D2988 Dress by Martina Liana in Ivory 

Kalina by Lazaro in Ivory


Cream shades are a more saturated  golden tone than ivory, and this shade is where the naked eye will be able to tell your dress is not a white shade. As it's name suggests, is a rich, buttery, creamy color.

Jennifer CC2021 Pronovias Atelier Dress 

Jennifer CC2021 By Pronoias Atelier
Elise by Rebecca Ingram


Champagne tones, sometimes referred to as Light Gold, or Rum pink, seems to vary based on manufacturer and fabric. While some companies reference their champagne dresses as having a more earthy brown sand like color, while in other cases it appears more pink toned.

It's often used as lining for lace or tulle gowns as it has enough color saturation and depth to create nice contrast for lace or detailing to pop.

The difference between a champagne and Ivory will be that champagne will have a more brown earthy tone color, compared to a more " sunny" and creamy ivory shade.

  Tate by Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress in Champagne   

Tate by Maggie Sottero in Champagne

Zareen by Maggie Sottero in Champagne



Nude colors are also often used as liners for lace dresses or in tulle skits to add dimension and depth.

Nudes are typically more saturated than champagne, and usually closer to mid tone beige, camel or honey.

LENOX BOHO WEDDING DRESS WITH FLARED BELL SLEEVES By All Who Wander  D3296 by Essence of Australia in Hazelnut Nude

   Lenox Gown by All Who Wander in Honey

D3296 by Martina Liana in Hazelnut


Mocha is a more recent color option, and definitely a more saturated brown tone shade than traditional the nude options. However, for darker complexions, this color can be a more complimentary nude tone closer to your skin color. 

This color is a trendy option, popular with boho and eclectic brides, and can really have an impact when paired against lace.

All who wander Bowie Wedding Dress  Gio Boho Gown by All Who Wander

Bowie Gown by All Who Wander in Rum   

Gio Gown by All Who Wander in Mocha


Gold wedding dresses offer a very rich warm color, making them a unique option without going too colorful.


Valencia by Lazaro

Aretha by Lazaro



Peach is also a more currently available option, that adds a very soft, ethereal, vintage effect. This shade is more orange nude toned, and will suit many skin tones, including the very fair!

  peach wedding dress

STYLE 3108 by Lazaro in Sherbert

Boudoir weddings sold on Etsy


A very trendy color for modern brides, blush pink toned dresses can range from a subtle pink tone to pastel pink, but they're definitely in a cooler tone than the peach shades. Blush dresses vary significantly in color and tone by designer, but generally have a more grey or purple undertone, and therefore can be complimentary on almost any skin tone.

Martina Liana 1110 in Moscato Blush Pink - Wedding Dress Color Guide Ayana by Lazaro Dress

Martina Liana 1110 in Moscato

Ayana by Lazaro in Blush



Becoming popular in 2018 as a runway trend, this dress color isn't for the traditionalist. This stand out shade is a great way to add unique character to your dress, without compromising on the ethereal soft bridal effect.


Ginger Moon Dress by Lazaro
Lilac Wedding Dress by Cathy Telle


If you need something blue, why not start with you dress? Powder Blue dresses are gaining popularity, and can be a real chic statement in any wedding. It can compliment a garden style spring wedding, or can look equally as fitting in a high fashion chic Parisian destination wedding. As colored dresses such as the Blush, Lavenders and Blues are often custom died, each designers color can vary drastically in saturation, and in tone.

D3209 Dress By Essence of Australia in Mystery Blue 

D3209 by Essence of Australia in Mystery Blue

LUMI by Hailey Paige in Blue Moon


This cool grey tone color can sometime lean towards the blue hues, or can be a warmer grey depending on designer. A family new option, Grey dresses best suit dramatic venues and styles, as you'd want to avoid it looking "dirty" in a venue such as outdoor events or garden parties, where a brighter crisper color would do better.



 Yes, I realize pattern is not a color, but it's such a cool trend I think it deserves it's own honorable mention. Pairing pattern with a classic bridal silhouette adds unique character and charm to your special event, while maintaining the distinct bridal gown sophistication most brides are looking for. So why not be bold?


Danae Dress by Lazaro

3613 by Lazaro